Political Finance Reform & Why You Should Care.

In today’s political climate, everywhere you turn there’s another story springing up which someway or another has to do with money in our political system, likely made easier/possible by the Supreme Courts 2010 ruling in Citizens United vs. FEC.

In that decision the supreme court ruled that money equals speech and therefore corporations  should be able to contribute unlimited funds to campaigns.

Now there’s no need to hide the corruption, our politicians can benefit from corporate donors while doing it out in front of the American people. We no longer have a say in the direction of this country because anyone who doesn’t abide by the limitations and special interests of their donors won’t make it to a position in our government where they can make any significant change.

A great first step in fighting this runaway government is to reverse citizens united and get money out of politics! There are many different movements in action which are attempting to do this in one way or another and I’m excited to cover some of those on future posts.

Finally, I leave you all with my first attempt at a political montage video put together with some help from other University of Washington undergrads. It’s rough around the edges, but it’s a very important message!



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