Senate Candidate’s Leaked Memo Shows Sad Truth About Modern Political Campaigns.
Michelle Nunn;

The Democratic candidate for Senate in Georgia is Michelle Nunn, and in December her campaign plan was leaked online for a brief moment before being taken down.

The memo, which was leaked to and reported by the national review mentions there’s a “tremendous financial opportunity” in regards to the Jewish community, but that her support of Israel was crucial in obtaining this demographic.

More to this point, and the overall motivation for this post, is the fact that to reach the recommended $15 to $20 million the memo recommends Nunn spend between 70 and 80 percent of her time raising money from January on through September, where finally the memo suggests fundraising decrease to 50 percent of Nunn’s time.

80 percent might not be too big of a surprise considering today’s climate, but for those who don’t usually pay much attention to politics this should be a staggering number to say the least.

the numbers do seem accurate, in order to raise that much money Nunn will have to devote that much of her time, and that is just unacceptable. If she is having to cater to these donors, she certainly won’t be in a position to cater towards the majority of her constituents who don’t give her millions of dollars in the hopes of helping her get elected.

Of course, if Nunn gets the senate seat, those donors certainly hope Nunn doesn’t forget their interests, and she likely won’t.


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