Can’t get gay married in your state? Become a Corporation!

Catherine Rampell of the Washington post published a great opinion piece you can find here. In the article Rampell wonders how things would look if we could practice some of the rights being exercised by corporations in regard to their privileged presence in our political system.

the sentiment from  Adam Winkler via Rampell’s article, is that if regular Joe’s were treated like corporations then we’d be able to merge with whomever we want without being stopped by restrictive marriage laws.

It makes sense, but I would be fine with more regulation against potential monopolies in our economic system if the Supreme Court doesn’t want to expand corporations current right to normal people!

Maybe calling it merging is all the LGBT movement needed to do all along! Should regular citizens  be able to get off with a fine for killing someone? Corporations do.

Would the supreme court see an argument like this as a valid attempt at testing the reverse engineering potential of the Citizens United decision? Would they really entertain such thoughts? I would think not, because the inconsistencies would be much more highlighted then they already are.

Now that corporations are people with extra awesome rights, maybe the courts should start ironing it out towards the old school citizens of this country instead of the ones our forefathers warned us about.



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