Sanders in Seattle: Polling within 10 points of the Clinton campaign, the Bermentum continues

Riding a surge of small donor contributions and massive grass-roots support, the Bernie Sanders campaign is quickly closing the gap between it and the Clinton campaign.

Last month, former Democratic representative Barney Frank wrote about his worry that the Sanders campaign will put up too much of a fight in the Democratic primary, hurting the overall chances of a Clinton presidency “Wishful Thinking Won’t Win the Whitehouse” is the subheadline, written in Politico, and a lot has changed even in that short time.

Today, a HuffPo blog post by Miles Mogulescu’s showed just this sentiment with his story titled “I Was Wrong About Bernie Sanders, And So Is Barney Frank and His Fellow Clintonistas.”

Revolutions can be risky and even at the risk of hurting the Clinton campaign, people from all around the country are coming out in unprecedented support to see Sanders talk about his future vision for America.

The gap between Wall street and the common citizen has met its breaking point and the subsequent political revolution in America, first anchored by Senator Elizabeth Warren’s efforts against banks, is being put behind the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign.

Frank believes voters are sticking to the Sanders campaign for ideological reasons which won’t be made up by the moderate voter. Sanders is still polling as a relative unknown in key states but is gaining on Clinton as her approval rating sinks.

Can the Sanders campaign’s grass-roots movement bring in enough independent and moderate voters to make up the difference made by those progressives supporting Clinton?

Polling swing states in order to compare Clinton and Sanders against potential Republican candidates, A Quinnipiac University poll from July 22 shows Clinton’s Unfavorable rating at 56 percent in Colorado and Iowa, and 50 percent in Virginia with only 6-9 percent of those polled saying they needed to hear more from the candidate.

Comparatively, the same poll shows Sanders at 31, 28 and 26 percent in the unfavorable rating with  39 percent of Colorado and Iowa voters and 46 percent of Virginian voters, wanted to hear more before they decide.

Tomorrow thousands of people, including I, will see Sanders speak in Seattle on August 8, at Alaska Airlines Arena at Hec Edmundson Pavilion in Seattle.

With every stop across the country, Sanders seems to be growing stronger and stronger in the polls. When it stops depends on a media and political revolution continuing on a course already set.


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