M67_i9bp_400x400University of Washington alumni studying political science and journalism. Through writing this blog I hope to bring campaign finance reform into the forefront of news coverage as it affects our politics every day in this country.

Covering campaign finance reform both on a national as well as state level, I also enjoy writing about other national and international news and trends on my alternative blog realmenlovereason.wordpress.com

When I’m not writing I enjoy time with my wife and two children. I love practicing jiu-jitsu, staying active in general, and increasing my multimedia journalism skills

check out my full journalism portfolio at shawnsporterportfolio.wordpress.com



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Shawn, I first saw your comment on Bernie2016tv and then came to your site here. My partner and I did the initial build of the WordPress, Multisite, BuddyPress installation for the site that got used by Occupy Wall Street. We’re getting ready to launch another Multisite (like your own wordpress.com to enable others to have their own site). Our major and possibly 100% focus will be on the Bernie Sanders campaign. We want to build the infrastructure for grassroots support that will go beyond 2016, whatever happens with Bernie.

    I’d like to keep you informed and see if we offer something that would be of interest to you enough to join forces.

    1. Thanks for the comment, and that would be great if you kept me informed! I’m very open to the future of my project, and would even be interested in talking about running or at least contributing to the campaign finance reform section if I were able to. Can you give any details as to when the launch might be?


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