California Supreme Court Mutes Voters; No Surprise Necessary.

A press release from Aug. 11 via,  states that the California Supreme Court has stopped the election of proposition 49, which is really an example of a high court in this country protecting corporate interests at the expense California citizens and their initiative process.

Proposition 49 was a simple advisory measure which was on the ballot b/c of senate bill 1272 also known as the Overturn Citizens United Act. This act would ask the United States Congress to take actions towards stopping unlimited spending in electoral campaigns. This seems to be the acts first problem.

Don’t get me wrong, anything and everything happening towards campaign finance reform is important because, at a minimum it adds to the ever-growing collection of voices speaking up again corporate money in politics which has gained such a loud voice since the passing of citizens united by the Supreme Court in 2010.

Although the court’s order will be reviewed in Sept. and so it could still appear on a future ballot, I wouldn’t hold your breath just yet.

The United States Supreme Court isn’t going to lay down and let us take back our democracy. Our weakest congress in history certainly can’t be expected to do anything either. That is why our best bet may be through our state legislators who still must at least hear their constituents, we need them to listen though!

Is the Article 5 constitutional amendment the way to go? Never say never., Lets go!