Occupy.com’s Act Out covers Seattle’s Killswitch documentary premier

While attending the premier I met some of the awesome people from over at occupy.com, one whom ended up being the host of Act Out, Eleanor Goldfield.

Today occupy.com posted the latest episode filmed on location at Seattle Town Hall.


John W. Ennis on his newly released Documentary: “Pay 2 Play”

Pay 2 Play is a documentary film by John W. Ennis about the influence of money in politics and how to take back the influential power that money has stolen away from the average American citizen.

via Fandango.com
via Fandango.com

Slated for release in September 2014, Pay 2 Play has been screening in different cities across the nation.

I’ve been lucky enough to have seen one of the first test screenings of the film, which took place in Seattle during the 28th amendment National Roadshow in May of this year.

When I asked if there were any concerns going forward with the release of the film, Ennis had nothing but positive experiences to report.

“The only concerns I have seen from people after the screening are actually people concerned that we won’t do enough to get the film out there, that this is too important, that it should be seen in high schools.”

“Seattle…was still one of the first screenings… (It’s) a powerful reaction to elicit from folks who just saw a film they didn’t know anything about beforehand…”

Ennis’ film is one of a myriad of ways to join the ever increasing battle for political finance reform, but he still sees the influence of the film growing as the countdown to an official release dwindles.

“I know like any film that people care about, it takes time to spread as they share it with others. As it is, I am surprised and inspired by how many have already organized across the country around this issue of reforming campaign finance, so I am grateful to get to offer fuel to their fight.”

You can be inspired or, depending how hard you take it, you might be infuriated. Either way, Pay 2 Play is sure to make waves in an ever rising tide of discontent towards money in politics!