Broadcasting w/ Sanders 2016 at Westlake and Husky stadium

Bernie begins at 1:23:33 and you can hear my short report on the Westlake rally around 15-minute mark.


My attempt at remaining an independent journalist, Part 1: (To work for the man and save up or risk failing and start my own journalism website)

I’m a recently graduated (political science and journalism) independent journalist, and in the interest of staying one, I’m thinking about changing this and my other blogs into a network of blogs hosted under one roof.

In this period of both political and journalistic revolution, I would love to retain control of advertising and editing decisions to remain as independent as journalistically possible while still creating great and inciteful content. That way, I can focus on important issues mainstream media either can’t or won’t cover.

The country is in a major state of change and nearly every problem someone could have with our political system is derived from, or made harder to combat, because of money in politics.

Speical interests need their influenced scaled down in order to gain back a democracy meant to represent the people, not special interests. Whether Republican or Democrat, the system isn’t working.

On the lighter side, the Seattle area is ripe with political, civil and culturally unique perspectives worth sharing on a national and worldwide basis.

Seattle loves to be creative and recreational and in the future I would love to put together a general podcast (and/or niche podcasts) relating to different areas of the site, as well as local recreational coverage.

As of now, these are all goals to be met in the hopefully near future. If all worked out, reverse citizens united’s new site location would be something like

Until then I will continue to do my best and dedicate all my extra time and passion into covering campaign finance reform from a Seattle area perspective.

I thank every repeat reader and peer who’s dedication is the only reason I could even think about accomplishing such a goal.

I want to know what everyone thinks, so here we go!

Pictures of Killswitch “The Battle to Control the Internet” documentary premier in Seattle

The internet is an integral part of our future ability to shape the world into one which the common citizen’s interests are democratically represented, not the interests of corporations and the governments they cater to.

Lessig, featured quite often in the movie, is the Roy L. Furman Professor of Law and Leadership at Harvard Law School and founder of the New Hampshire rebellion. He was accompanied by, and spoke to, author and politician Marianne Williamson.


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According to the events website “every dollar of those funds will be used to support the work of the New Hampshire Rebellion to reduce the corrupting influence of money in American politics.

Bullet point and short video on public financing of campaigns

Published here on is a good starting point for anyone wanting to know, in general, what public financing of

Lawrence Lessig : Via ;
Lawrence Lessig :
Via ;

campaign means and how it helps get money out of politics. Included on the post are links to specific state measures that are happening across the country and a short video featuring Lawrence Lessig, among others, speaking on the importance of public financing of campaigns.

First National Bank of Boston v. Bellotti

In 1978 The supreme court came to a 5-4 decision in a case which reinterpreted the 1st amendment and changed the Television industry.

It allowed corporate money to be spent in television contracts and advertising instead of only investors. With this allowance went investors’ ability to control content.

The decision allowed those with the deepest pockets to hold sway over broadcast decisions much like money has taken over our political atmosphere today.

Look at the state of cable news today. We cannot allow this to happen to our political system any more than it already has!

Fortunately, our democracy was designed the checks and balances for a safe guard against these types of threats to the republic!

John W. Ennis on his newly released Documentary: “Pay 2 Play”

Pay 2 Play is a documentary film by John W. Ennis about the influence of money in politics and how to take back the influential power that money has stolen away from the average American citizen.


Slated for release in September 2014, Pay 2 Play has been screening in different cities across the nation.

I’ve been lucky enough to have seen one of the first test screenings of the film, which took place in Seattle during the 28th amendment National Roadshow in May of this year.

When I asked if there were any concerns going forward with the release of the film, Ennis had nothing but positive experiences to report.

“The only concerns I have seen from people after the screening are actually people concerned that we won’t do enough to get the film out there, that this is too important, that it should be seen in high schools.”

“Seattle…was still one of the first screenings… (It’s) a powerful reaction to elicit from folks who just saw a film they didn’t know anything about beforehand…”

Ennis’ film is one of a myriad of ways to join the ever increasing battle for political finance reform, but he still sees the influence of the film growing as the countdown to an official release dwindles.

“I know like any film that people care about, it takes time to spread as they share it with others. As it is, I am surprised and inspired by how many have already organized across the country around this issue of reforming campaign finance, so I am grateful to get to offer fuel to their fight.”

You can be inspired or, depending how hard you take it, you might be infuriated. Either way, Pay 2 Play is sure to make waves in an ever rising tide of discontent towards money in politics!