My attempt at remaining an independent journalist, Part 1: (To work for the man and save up or risk failing and start my own journalism website)

I’m a recently graduated (political science and journalism) independent journalist, and in the interest of staying one, I’m thinking about changing this and my other blogs into a network of blogs hosted under one roof.

In this period of both political and journalistic revolution, I would love to retain control of advertising and editing decisions to remain as independent as journalistically possible while still creating great and inciteful content. That way, I can focus on important issues mainstream media either can’t or won’t cover.

The country is in a major state of change and nearly every problem someone could have with our political system is derived from, or made harder to combat, because of money in politics.

Speical interests need their influenced scaled down in order to gain back a democracy meant to represent the people, not special interests. Whether Republican or Democrat, the system isn’t working.

On the lighter side, the Seattle area is ripe with political, civil and culturally unique perspectives worth sharing on a national and worldwide basis.

Seattle loves to be creative and recreational and in the future I would love to put together a general podcast (and/or niche podcasts) relating to different areas of the site, as well as local recreational coverage.

As of now, these are all goals to be met in the hopefully near future. If all worked out, reverse citizens united’s new site location would be something like

Until then I will continue to do my best and dedicate all my extra time and passion into covering campaign finance reform from a Seattle area perspective.

I thank every repeat reader and peer who’s dedication is the only reason I could even think about accomplishing such a goal.

I want to know what everyone thinks, so here we go!